Flint Chocolate (1)

Flint Chocolate is passionately rooted in sustainability, ethics and craft. Our chocolate is handmade with care, from bean to bar, in a small factory in Auckland. We prefer the slower, more traditional method of stone-grinding cacao to retain flavour and nutrients.

Our aim is to inspire a shift in the way chocolate is valued and consumed. Cacao that has been thoughtfully grown and minimally processed offers many benefits, including essential minerals that support the immune system and improve heart health. Not to mention cacao's ability to lift mood and energy levels, and sharpen cognitive function!

We’re passionate about supporting independent, specialty cacao growers who focus on quality before high yield. Focus becomes on protecting the land, preserving biodiversity, and supporting a better quality of life.

We make a range of rich, dark chocolate bars, medicinal grade 100% cacao pods, and refined sugar-free baking chocolate. All produced from ethically-traded cacao and organic whole food ingredients. Our chocolate is food for the soul and a nourishing part of our daily lives. We hope to inspire a greater connection to the chocolate you enjoy.


These goods can be composted at the end of their useful life, leaving no trace of their existence.

Ethically Made

These goods are made by suppliers that pay fair wages, guarantee no child labour, and maintain a safe working environment.


Handcrafted goods are one of a kind that have been created by skilled artisans often using techniques passed down through generations, rather than by automated, machine-based processes. Small irregularities are celebrated and are what make handcrafted goods unique.


These goods are manufactured in the same country in which they are designed. This sustains the local economy and is more equitable for the workers and their communities. 


These goods have been crafted with materials that are derived from naturally occurring materials, plants or animals, with minimal processing. 


Goods that are made from organically grown materials and are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. 


In an effort to reduce waste, the design of these goods are either part or wholly made from up-cycled or previously used materials. These can be either salvaged directly in their current form or from recycled materials, such as paper, glass or metal.


Goods made from materials that can be replenished at the rate they are consumed, all with minimal environmental and social impact. Such as FSC wood, bamboo and wool. 


These goods are produced by artisans or companies that are open, honest, and straightforward about their business operations. Transparency builds trust, from makers through to customers.


These are goods that contain absolutely no animal products or by-products and were not tested on animals at any stage.