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Cacao & Blood Orange Coffee Scrub


Awaken the senses with this sumptuous blend of fairtrade cacao, blood orange, and raw coconut. The antioxidant-rich combo stimulates the blood flow to blast that pesky cellulite. A fusion of fair trade coffee and organic raw sugar gives a deep exfoliation to invigorate the skin and reveal a gorgeous glowing you.

Cacao and Blood Orange Fairtrade Coffee Scrub is a blend designed to invigorate and energise the body.  The antioxidant-rich combination of cacao, fair-trade Arabica coffee and vitamin E rejuvenates skin while citrus and coffee stimulate blood flow for a more radiant appearance. Organic cane sugar scrubs away dead skin cells for deep exfoliation. Organic coconut and macadamia oil hydrate and plump to help minimise the appearance of stretch marks and ageing. Leave the delectable blend on a minute or two and absorb the mood uplifting benefits of the organic oils.

Koko's fair trade coffee scrub comes packed in a gorgeous Miron Glass Biophotonic jar to extend its life and to help naturally protect it from UV rays and oxidation. The jars are pretty enough to rinse out and re-use after use or you can recycle them.


It’s easy! Just dampen skin in the shower and then grab a handful of your fairtrade coffee scrub and rub in circles from neck to feet. Pay extra attention to any bumps or rough areas that need smoothing. Let the organic oils soak in for a moment before rinsing off under the shower.

If the scrub is hard due to cooler temperatures just hold in hand for a moment before applying to let coconut oil soften.



Fair Trade Raw Cane Sugar ^+

Sugar contains alpha-hydroxy acid or AHAs and glycolic acid which helps remove dead cells from the skin’s surface keeping it clean and clear. Sugar is a natural humectant which means it keeps skin hydrated and nourished by drawing moisture into the skin’s surface.

Fair Trade Coconut Oil ^+

Coconut oil is light, nourishing and moisturising. It absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Ours is sourced from a sustainable community collective.

Macadamia Oil ^

Macadamia Oil is rich in omega 7. It helps to protect and repair skin, especially sun-damaged skin.  Its cell regenerating effects help keep skin looking soft and youthful.

Safflower Oil ^

High in linoleic acid Safflower oil helps to unclog pores preventing pimples and acne.  Safflower oil has hydrating properties which promote skin elasticity.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has an anti-ageing effect on the skin. Koko only uses 100% natural vitamin e made from soybeans.

Blood Orange Essential Oil

Blood Orange helps detox the skin and improves the mood with its uplifting energising aroma.

Orange Essential Oil

Orange helps promote collagen production for a youthful firm looking skin. It tones and repairs too.

Raw Fair Trade Cacao Powder ^+

Cacao is an antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from oxidation. It’s mineral rich, containing manganese, iron, copper, zinc and selenium. All super skin heroes.

Fair Trade Coffee ^+

Koko's fair trade coffee scrub means we are supporting developing communities.  It is also full of caffeine! Skin loves coffee  caffeine for its stimulating effect. It encourages good blood flow and circulation which can help combat cellulite.

Cetearyl Glucoside & Sorbitan Olivate

These two ingredients make up an Ecocert approved plant based emulsifying wax. The cetearyl glucoside is made from coconut oil and sugarcane. The sorbitan olivate is made from olive oil and wheatgerm oil. This ingredient is approved for use in organic skincare and is used to help emulsify, or combine, the water and oil when you scrub. It is used  to help protect New Zealand’s precious waterways when the scrub is washed down the drain.

^Certified Organic Ingredients

*Ecocert Approved



Large 250 gm


All our products are vegan and cruelty free. Koko’s Cacao and Blood Orange Coffee Scrub is made using 100% pure, natural and organic ingredients.

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Organic + Ethical + Vegan.  Koko Body is committed to creating a botanical beauty range that cares.  For your skin but also for our world.  From the fairtrade farmers that grow our cacao and coffee to the collective that harvests our sustainable coconut oil. Every ingredient in the Koko Body range is chosen with purpose.  Koko Body is designed to be used in simple daily self-care rituals that honour the mind, body and soul. Ethical skincare that cares.

None of our Koko skincare contains water.  We use waterless ingredients such as clay, salt and oil so that there is no need to add harmful chemicals or preservatives to make our products last. This means that your skin gets truly natural skincare.  Nasty microbes only grow in water so by eliminating the water we have eliminated the need for toxins, preservatives and synthetics.  Our oils are packed in Swiss-made biophotonic Miron glass for the highest amount of UV protection to ensure Koko stays fresh and pure for you.

Koko Body skincare is only ever tested on willing humans never on animals.  We source our ingredients from ethical suppliers to ensure no animals were harmed in the making of Koko.  All Koko products are 100 % vegan.

Koko is a family run business born out of a desire to ensure all the products that touch our skin are completely truly natural. Our small batch artisan beauty range is handcrafted here in the Koko Kitchen in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand.  Micaela has a passion for plant-based products, plants and the environment.  She began making natural candles, soaps and skincare as gifts.   Friends and family began asking for it and so Koko was born.  The name Koko came from the raw organic coconut oil that we use as a base for many of our products.

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