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Lotus + Wild Rose Bioactive 11 Beauty Oil


A luxurious blend of 11 potent organic plant oils infused with bioactive botanical extracts to deeply penetrate and perfect the complexion. Sacred lotus infused tea seed improves skin elasticity. Carrot seed oil boosts bioflavonoids while Rosehip stimulates fibroblasts keeping skin firm and healthy. Active botanical extracts in baobab, pomegranate and chia encourage cell repair and regeneration.

Organic Lotus + Wild Rose Bio-Active Beauty Oil is packed full of skin loving pro-vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin B3, vitamin E, omega 3, 6 and 9, zinc and antioxidants to give a botanical boost of powerful plant based essentials for a radiant glowing complexion.

This power pack blend of bio-active oils is designed to provide a deeply penetrating phytonutrient rich concentration of botanical ingredients. Pomegranate, rosehip, chia seed and baobab all combine to create a truly luxurious facial oil optimised with anti-aging antioxidants and skin loving vitamins.

A luxurious blend of 11 potent plant oils created to deeply hydrate and nourish.  Lotus improves elasticity while carrot seed oil and rosehip oil stimulate collagen production. Bio-active botanicals in baobab, pomegranate and chia seed oil encourage cell repair and regeneration for a radiant looking complexion. Koko's Lotus + Wild Rose Bio-Active Beauty Oil is packed full of essential vitamins and antioxidants to give your skin a botanical boost of powerful plant based nutrition.


Apply 2-3 pumps of beauty oil on face, neck and décolletage. Massage into skin using a gentle circular motion. For best results use morning and night after cleansing and toning.




Argan Oil^+

Macadamia Oil^

Green Tea Seed Oil infused with sacred lotus^

Baobab Oil^

Jojoba Oil^

Evening Primrose Oil^

Rosehip Seed Oil^

Pomegranate Seed Oil^

Chia Seed Oil^

Vitamin E – naturally derived from soybean oil (D Alpha Tocopherol)

Carrot Seed Oil

Rose Absolute Oil – Damask Rose


^ Certified Organic

+ Fairtrade




All Koko products are vegan and cruelty free. This product contains nut based oil so is not suitable for people with a nut allergy.

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Organic + Ethical + Vegan.  Koko Body is committed to creating a botanical beauty range that cares.  For your skin but also for our world.  From the fairtrade farmers that grow our cacao and coffee to the collective that harvests our sustainable coconut oil. Every ingredient in the Koko Body range is chosen with purpose.  Koko Body is designed to be used in simple daily self-care rituals that honour the mind, body and soul. Ethical skincare that cares.

None of our Koko skincare contains water.  We use waterless ingredients such as clay, salt and oil so that there is no need to add harmful chemicals or preservatives to make our products last. This means that your skin gets truly natural skincare.  Nasty microbes only grow in water so by eliminating the water we have eliminated the need for toxins, preservatives and synthetics.  Our oils are packed in Swiss-made biophotonic Miron glass for the highest amount of UV protection to ensure Koko stays fresh and pure for you.

Koko Body skincare is only ever tested on willing humans never on animals.  We source our ingredients from ethical suppliers to ensure no animals were harmed in the making of Koko.  All Koko products are 100 % vegan.

Koko is a family run business born out of a desire to ensure all the products that touch our skin are completely truly natural. Our small batch artisan beauty range is handcrafted here in the Koko Kitchen in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand.  Micaela has a passion for plant-based products, plants and the environment.  She began making natural candles, soaps and skincare as gifts.   Friends and family began asking for it and so Koko was born.  The name Koko came from the raw organic coconut oil that we use as a base for many of our products.

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