Ralph Woven ECO* Lambswool Throw – Mustard


These beautiful and luxurious woven wool throws are made with New Zealand lambswool which can be traced back to the individual farm. The Ralph blanket features a classic woven stripe design with contrasting cream fringing. Soft and cosy lambswool has been sourced from sheep farmers in New Zealand using high, eco-friendly standards. They keep you warm on cold winter days or summer nights and become a nice and timeless detail on your sofa or bed.

  • Made in Latvia
  • W×H: 130 × 200 cm (including tassels)
  • 100% New Zealand Lambswool

﹡Eco wool means that the breeding and handling of wool must meet specific requirements. No trace of pesticides are allowed in the wool. The ecologic lambs wool is totally free of pesticides and no chemicals or antibiotics have been used during the breeding of the sheep.

Hand wash on 30 degrees or professionally dry clean. Do not tumble dry, do not wash in the washing machine. Iron on low wool setting.

Klippan of Sweden is a family-owned mill based in Latvia, dating back to 1879.

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Klippan is a family run business for 140 years. Klippan started in Sweden in 1879 and is now a leader in home textiles.

Klippan is known for its high quality in design and usage of pure fibres and offers unique products such as blankets, throws, cushions, table linen, home decoration, and a separate children's collection. According to Klippan's philosophy, only natural fibres for the products are used such as wool, linen, and cotton. High quality fibre is essential for the final result. Klippan is one of the very few producers of this kind remaining in Europe. 

To be able to manage the production and fully control the quality Klippan produces all the blankets and throws from start to finish in their own factory. All Klippan's lamb's wool comes from New Zealand and the wool can be traced all the way back to the individual sheep farmer. This means that Klippan can ensure high quality and at the same time be environmentally friendly. For the last few years, Klippan has also been able to offer throws and blankets made of wool from farmers running sheep breeding using ecological principals (eco wool).

For a video tour of one of the Klippan factories please click here.

According to their philosophy, KLIPPAN only uses natural fibers for their products such as wool, linen, and cotton. High quality fibre is essential for the final result. Production of our blankets and throws in their own factory, meeting all EU standards, allows KLIPPAN to control the total quality. A culture of environmental awareness within the company makes KLIPPAN work towards a friendlier and more environmentally sustainable production process. KLIPPAN has both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

Eco wool

Ecologically produced cotton has been a common concept for many years, but ecological wool has been a rarity. The reason is that insects have been a challenge with animals in wool production and until today it has been inconceivable to produce wool without any pesticides.

A group of farmers in the Banks Peninsula, New Zeeland, decided to address the difficulties of Eco sheep breeding. They have developed a process where they only treat the sheep with pesticide once, instead of repeatedly as had been practiced before. They give this treatment when the sheep are newborn which leads to no or negligible amounts of pesticides in the finished wool as it grows. Additionally, no chemicals are allowed to be used in the crops or in the food that the sheep eats and no antibiotic is used during the breading process. A special washing method for the wool has been developed to again save the environment as much as possible. Finally, as a control over the entire process, an independent and accredited laboratory test approves each consignment of wool. Banks Peninsula “ECO WOOL” is especially suitable for blankets and throws and KLIPPAN is exclusive in the market in using this material. Items with Eco Wool are specially labeled. KLIPPAN also decided to make all of the children’s blankets in “ECO WOOL”.

Animal welfare

KLIPPAN cares about animal welfare. Because we control the whole production from beginning to end we can guarantee no animal cruelty takes place during the production of the wool we use.

Very early on we took a conscious decision to focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable products. It is something that we are very proud of.

We take no shortcuts when it comes to quality. We weave the throws in our own factory of wool that can be traced all the way back to the individual farm where the sheep were raised. In this way, we have full control of the production process and can stand behind our products one hundred percent.

Trends come and go, but we have proven that high quality textiles, made of natural materials, will never be out of fashion…

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