Made Good is an online store born from a love of beautiful things made well, made sustainably and made to last. Our curated collection offers elegant and ethical alternatives to the everyday – products for people who want to live an aesthetic life while minimising their environmental footprint.

A sensibility for good design

Made Good brings you a collection of artful and useful products for the home that are as beautiful as they are beautifully made. Hailing from New Zealand, we carefully select local and international goods and brands that represent a conscious way of living and consuming. From Salad Days' handmade ceramics to Kowtow's organic cotton textiles, you’ll find objects to use, treasure and gift.


Quality to last the years

Buy once, buy right. All our suppliers source quality raw materials and craft their products with care and skill. With a commitment to conscious consumption, their goods are designed and made to last. Chosen for their beauty, integrity and low environmental footprint, Made Good products stand the test of time.


Genuine ethical values

We believe that consumers can be a true force for social and environmental change. Our mission is to give you greater access to genuine ethical products from known designers, vetted manufacturers and fair supply chains. Carefully assessing our range against our values, we give you more knowledge, more choice and more transparency.

Our values

Ethically Made




Locally Made






Beautiful things made well, made sustainably and made to last.


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