Amu Stove-top Kettle – White


Designed by Japanese product designer Fumie Shibata, the Noda Horo Amu stove-top kettle is sturdy and practical with an enduring manner. A staple fixture in Japanese kitchens, in part due to the food safety qualities of enamelware. An excellent conductor of heat, the kettle is suitable for induction, gas or electric cooktops. The enamel surface is easy-to-clean, durable and long-lasting. It features a sturdy handle and a large pointed spout that allows for easy handling.

  • Designed by Fumie Shibata
  • Made in Japan by Noda Horo
  • Material: Enamel / Plastic
  • Also available in RedGreen
  • 2L water capacity
  • Ø×Ø×H: 230 inc.spout × 182 × 195𝗆𝗆 
  • 1㎏ empty

Please close the lid so that the stopper part is on the opposite side of the spout. This stopper is designed to prevent the lid from falling when you tilt the kettle.

Do not drop
Use a nonabrasive soap and sponge to clean
Dry after use for best results

    You might find that the enamel surface is slightly uneven, and there are tiny black dots on the back of the hem. These imperfections are a result of the manufacturing process and add to the charm of these handmade kettles!

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    Maker Profile

    Noda Horo

    Manufacturing beautiful products for over 80 years in Japan, Noda Horo’s enamelware is the signature representation of the brand’s commitment to elegant design, style, food safety, quality, and even-heating efficiency. A staple fixture in both home & professional Japanese kitchens, partly due to enamelware’s unique food safety qualities, Noda Horo’s products have proven themselves as a standard bearer in the field of food preparation and storage, reminding us that not all kitchen appliances need be built using inferior materials.

    Enamelware is long-lasting, doesn't produce environmental toxins, and keeps food fresh and germ-free.

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