Birthday Candles Set – Green, Blue & Purple


Beautifully handcrafted set of beeswax birthday candles created by people with intellectual disabilities working in an anthroposophical initiative.

  • Made in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
  • Natural – made from 100% local beeswax and cotton wicking 
  • Handmade – crafted with care to ensure a high quality 
  • L: 100 mm (approx)
  • Set of 10 candles

Beeswax is known for burning longer, cleaner and brighter than any other wax. When lit, beeswax candles will pull dust, allergens and toxins out of the air. Beeswax candles will burn soot free and dripless if kept out of drafts. 

* Please note that the photographs are for style reference and actual product may vary slightly from that shown as item is handmade and each will have it's own variations and character, including size and colour.

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Maker Profile

Hohepa Candles

Hohepa Candle Workshop is one of several work centres where people with with an intellectual disability learn and master hand-crafts. Their mission is to bring a bright light into everybody’s life: the candle makers and their customers.

Candle-making is an ancient craft which connects a sense of aesthetics and beauty with a highly developed set of skills which suits the workers well – mostly adults with an intellectual disability. An environment of warmth and colour coupled with a measured working pace which engages and supports people in their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.The workers have the opportunity to self-develop beyond productivity, speed and any individual limitations.

Hohepa Hawkes Bay is a community nestled between two rivers and the sea offering the benefits of living, participating, growing and developing in a beautiful natural environment. They aim to support every individual living and/or working at Hohepa to live their life to their fullest potential. Their principals are based on the holistic view of the human being which was developed by Rudolf Steiner.

The candles are hand made from 100% local beeswax which has been produced by bees roaming the Hawkes Bay region. Our dedicated staff teach and enable the candle makers to transform this natural product into a range of beautiful shining candles. They are a part of every step of the process: from collecting the beeswax in Takapau to pouring, dipping and colouring candles in the studio, to selling and distributing it to our partners and retailers. This enables the candle makers to see the meaning of their effort and understand the contribution they make to bringing beauty into customers lives.

Hohepa is a non-profit organisation but if surplus occurs from sales it is shared back to the candle makers. Buying a Hohepa candle doesn’t only buy you an amazing local, hand-crafted product but also supports people in their well-being, self-worth and contribution to their life.

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