Layering Set – Cyan Nori • Green Cedar • Pink Iris


Cyan Nori  –  Green Cedar  –  Pink Iris

A limited-edition 3 × 15𝗆ℓ layering set including Abel Odor's most loved, 100% plant-derived Eau de Parfum.

*Limited Edition, while stocks last

  • 100% natural eau de parfum ⋯ all ingredients derived from natural sources
  • 3 × 15𝗆ℓ
  • Specifically created for layering 
  • Beautifully designed in a low waste and 100% recyclable box set
  • Abel Odor guarantee fairtrade and sustainable farming practices
Cyan Nori
• Tangerine
• White peach
• Plant-derived musk
• Nori
Green Cedar
• Magnolia
• Cardamom
• Cypriol
• Guaiac wood
• Texas & Atlas Mountain cedar
Pink Iris
• Sichuan pepper
• Raspberry leaf
• Basil
• Basil orris root (iris)
• Rose
• Jasmine
• Vanilla

Transport yourself to the ocean, the garden, or the forest with our most loved trial set.

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