Linen Face Mask - Terracotta


Content: Linen cotton.

Double-layer construction. Popular formfitting design.

Reusable, washable mask. For quick sterilisation steam iron.

Adjustable tie - best if you are going to be wearing your mask for a long period of time. Also great if you have a hearing aid.

Fit: Most adults and teens

Made with care in Riverhead, New Zealand.

NB: This is not a medical-grade mask. Due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of masks. 

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Maker Profile


Kathleen and Robert Trathen established Peppin in 2009.

(Kath's background is in fashion, Rob's photography).

2010 they opened their Herne Bay Auckland store, which was a huge success and a great place to start - they made their biggest impact on the kiddie/babywear market during this time.

From Herne Bay, they moved into BLOC Mt Eden where Peppin shared a space with Douglas&Bec for awhile in a boutique department store setting.

Once their son turned 4 and almost school age, family took priority and they moved away from the city to live out their picket fence 1/4 acre dream.

From this point, Peppin was available online and via wholesale only.

Peppin continues to be made in New Zealand with their signature minimalist aesthetic. Locally made is always challenging to say the least - in the last couple of years, they have seen two of their major textile suppliers close. But they continue on... - designing, drafting and making onshore.

Future Peppin will offer a variety of New Zealand Made goods and not only for the littlies! We are looking ahead and adapting to the new landscape - hope to see you there. x

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