Winner of InStyle's Best Beauty Buys Best Clean Fragrance 2023

A restorative fragrance created to centre, balance, and calm the mind and body during hormonal change. A confident textured floral, Pause will appeal even beyond its feel-good properties.

  • 100% natural eau de parfum ⋯ all ingredients derived from natural sources
  • 30mℓ 
  • 1% of all sales of Pause goes towards Solar Sister
  • Abel Odor guarantee fairtrade and sustainable farming practices
Violet Leaf is mood-stabilising
Mimosa is known to support hormone balance
Narcissus promotes deep sleep
Hay offers tranquility

Top notes:
Violet Leaf

Heart notes:
Base notes:
• Hay Absolute

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    Everything Pause embodies, from the rich floral scent profile to the vibrant bottle design reflects our mission; to bring confidence to this stage of womanhood.

    "The inspiration for Pause was very clear to me – it's an ode to the wise women of the world. Mimosa, the hero ingredient is a comforting, mesmerising scent which to me really represents strength and beauty"
     –Nose, Fanny Grau 

    Full ingredients list:
    • Mimosa - India
    • Narcisse - France
    • Bergamot - Italy
    • Verbena- Morocco
    • Carrot seed oil - France
    • Violet leaf - Egypt
    • Hay absolute - France
    • Cedarwood oil - Texas, USA
    Copaiba - Brazil
    Amyris - Haiti
      - Brazil

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