Nanohana Candles (box of 24)


With a distinctive yellow hue and a sleek shape, the Nanohana candle brings with it a strong flame, creating an atmosphere perfect for reflection. Made from natural canola-based wax, they have a traditional handmade wick of reed wrapped in washi paper. The hollow reed allows air to pass up through the candle, allowing for a tall and bright flame.

The rapeseed blossoms are the landmark of Noto island (a small island north of Nanao). When sailors spotted the yellow flowers, it signalled to them that they would reach the island soon. NANOHANA is the Japanese name for rapeseed flowers; these candles are made from its oil, giving them their yellow hue, along with the subtle scent. 

  • Made in Japan
  • Ø×H: 10-8 (top-bottom) × 110 ㎜
  • 55 min burn time
  • 100% Rapeseed oil Wax / Dried Reed / Washi Paper
  • Box of 24 candles
  • Pairs with Koma Iron Candle Stand - Medium*

﹡sold separately, as pictured.

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Maker Profile


Since 1892, the candle making company Takazawa Candle has been providing the candlelight in harmony with nature from Japan.

They have been making candles from the grace of plants such as the fruits of sumac tree, rice bran, and rapeseed flower oil since 1892. Takazawa candles' flames are bigger and brighter than other companies. The flame comes from a special wick made from a unique recipe dating back to the 16th century, and it is the symbol of ancestral wisdom. At a time when there were no electric lights, light means candles, and a lot of thought was put into making candlelight brighter. 

Their wick is made from plant-based materials such as dried rush and washi-paper, thus symbolising the beautiful relationship between our ancestors and nature. The powerful flame, flickering from the simple silhouette of a candle, producing shadows in a room, creates a great atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed while you spend time with your family and close friends.


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