Universal Oil – 100𝚐


Gently cleanse, hydrate and heal sun-weatheredskin with one multi-tasking oil. Carefullyformulated to cleanse without stripping yourskins natural protective barrier, Universal Oil canbe re-applied to damp skin to lock in moistureand antioxidants. With a subtle scent of fresh cucumber, it enlists only pure and lightweight plant oils that absorb quickly into the skin to nourish all skin types. Non-pore cloggingand designed to dissolve dirt and SPF, this oil willleave you with your most glowing and soft skin yet. 

  • Plastic free and recyclable packaging
  • Cleanser, moisturiser, skin repair
  • Plant based
  • Reef Safe
  • 100𝚐
  • Made in Australia


  • Cucumber - Vitamin C protects from free radicals, while vitamin K maintains collagen, helping to hydrate, brighten and maintain elasticity. It also works to balance dry and pigmented skin. 
  • Red Raspberry - Packed with carotenoids, a plant derived source of Vitamin A and E, two compounds that are widely used to maintain youthful skin. Red Raspberry repairs dry skin and even offers small levels of protection from UV rays. Soothing acne and other inflammatory skin problems like rosacea also creates a lipid barrier that stops the skin from losing its natural moisture. 
  • Green Tea - Rich with antioxidants like vitamin E to hydrate the skin and B2 to promote cell turnover and collagen maintenance for a youthful glow. Green Tea also targets UV damage including dry, pigmented skin and fine lines.  
  • Sea Buckthorn - Used throughout history to treat radiation burns due to its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, Sea Buckthorn restores dry and sun damaged, hydrating and evening pigmentation. Rich in linoleic acid, it works to strengthen the skins natural lipid barrier to balance dry skin. 
  • Kakadu Plum - Nature's highest source of vitamin C, Kakadu Plum helps to fade pigmentation, even skin tone and brighten skin complexion. 
  • Jojoba -  Used widely as a medicinal plant throughout history everything from skin and scalp problems, to superficial wounds and even promoting hair growth. It works for all skin types because its structure is similar to sebum, so it balances your skin barrier and offers antibacterial, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory protection.
  • Macadamia - Containing squalene, a natural component of sebum, Macadamia Oil strengthens the skin barrier and helps maintain its moisture. Oleic acid regenerates cells and helps lock in moisture. Omega 6 linoleic acid balances sebum production for oily skin and creates a natural protective barrier.
  • Maracuja - Highly anti-inflammatory, Maracuja is a helpful ingredient for inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne. It has both antibacterial and antioxidant, helping improve skin elasticity and tone.

﹡ECOCERT - ECOCERT is an organic certification organisation, founded in France in 1991.

﹡ACO - Australian certified organic

Best stored in a cool dry place (below 27ºC), away from direct sunlight 

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Maker Profile

Sun Juju

Sun Juju exists so we can spend longer stretches of time in the naturally beautiful places that nourish us now and in the future. It protects our skin from the elements and protects our oceans from plastic and harmful chemicals, so we can enjoy these natural places for decades to come.

Founded by sun lover and sustainability writer, Ella Liascos in Byron Bay, Sun Juju is the sunscreen she couldn't find anywhere. A sheer mineral and plant based sunscreen she could wear on her face every day that wasn't packaged in plastic.

Sun Juju is packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminium. 75-90% of all aluminium ever created is still in use today, while recycled plastic only has a 9% chance of being recycled again. Leaving a 91% chance of ending up in landfill or the ocean and breaking down into micro plastics that ends up in our water, salt and seafood.

11.1 billion tonnes of plastic items are entangled in corals, with 89% of those showing signs of disease. Safe for sensitive and acne prone skin, Sun Juju is free from hormone inhibiting chemical filters like oxybenzone, octinoxate which were banned in Hawaii in 2018 to protect the reefs.

Sun Juju donate 5% to the Climate Foundations marine permaculture project.

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