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“The act of a botanical skincare ritual provides a short opportunity for us to connect exclusively with nature's nutrients, to touch with intention, gratitude, and hopefully, just a little self-love.” –Tarmaine Hales, Founder


Raw, clean & synthetic-free
The Ħarlo collection is carefully curated using organic, raw ingredients. Our oils are never heated, ensuring the highest concentration of nutrients. Our botanical formulations offer diverse properties, textures, and absorbency levels, specially blended to complement and enhance one another. Comedogenic and absorbency ratings for each oil and its application are carefully considered ensuring an effective and nutritious long-term skincare regime. Filler-free - we offer unique filler-free formulations, meaning no water, infusions, gels, or extracts, which can often account for 40-80% of volume in conventional products. The absence of these cheap fillers offers an opportunity to omit synthetic preservatives and unnecessary emulsifiers, resulting in highly concentrated botanical care.

Palm oil-free
The increase in demand for palm oil is resulting in the deforestation of 300 football fields every hour. The Ħarlo collection is proudly palm oil and palm oil derivative-free.

Wax free
Waxes, natural or otherwise, have occlusive properties which increase moisture levels in the skin by locking them in. Waxes are also often a go-to modifier and assist with form and consistency in creams. The built-up barrier of wax, over time, can often lead to adverse results by preventing beneficial oils and butters from penetrating the skin, which is why we choose to leave them out.

pH balanced & soap-free
The skin comprises of a protective film of natural oils & amino acids called the acid mantle. This is the skin's own fighting shield, protecting its cells against bacteria and pollution whilst keeping the important things, like moisture, in. The acid mantle has an acidic pH of around 5.5 and, when dismantled by aqueous-based alkaline washes, soaps, or cleansers, the skin becomes vulnerable and open to inflammation, allergies, and even bacteria. This daily damage takes time to repair, between 15 minutes to 14 hours depending largely on the product. When these conventional cleansers strip the skin from its natural oils, the body, thinking it’s being deprived, produces more to rebalance it, causing adverse results for people who suffer from problematic, oily skin. Ħarlo skincare contains no soap or water – meaning no pH concerns, keeping the natural acid mantle intact, always. As ‘natural’ skincare becomes the norm, Ħarlo’s organic advanced formulations propose a filler-free future for botanical skincare. A future without water, infusions, gels, or extracts. Just unique concentrated care, where every single ingredient is natural and nutritious.


These goods can be composted at the end of their useful life, leaving no trace of their existence.

Ethically Made

These goods are made by suppliers that pay fair wages, guarantee no child labour, and maintain a safe working environment.


Handcrafted goods are one of a kind that have been created by skilled artisans often using techniques passed down through generations, rather than by automated, machine-based processes. Small irregularities are celebrated and are what make handcrafted goods unique.


These goods are manufactured in the same country in which they are designed. This sustains the local economy and is more equitable for the workers and their communities. 


These goods have been crafted with materials that are derived from naturally occurring materials, plants or animals, with minimal processing. 


Goods that are made from organically grown materials and are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. 


In an effort to reduce waste, the design of these goods are either part or wholly made from up-cycled or previously used materials. These can be either salvaged directly in their current form or from recycled materials, such as paper, glass or metal.


Goods made from materials that can be replenished at the rate they are consumed, all with minimal environmental and social impact. Such as FSC wood, bamboo and wool. 


These goods are produced by artisans or companies that are open, honest, and straightforward about their business operations. Transparency builds trust, from makers through to customers.


These are goods that contain absolutely no animal products or by-products and were not tested on animals at any stage.