Foundry Chocolate – Vanuatu x Thomson Manuka Smoke Whisky 70%


Foundry Chocolate have introduced Thomson Manuka Smoke Single Malt whisky to their Pinalum, Vanuatu chocolate and the combination is an elegant voyage down the river of delight. 

Together, this power couple exudes a palate-seducing flood of sensual malt-laden luxury, creamy caramel character and just a playful tickle of spice and smoke.

Foundry Chocolate celebrate the unique personalities of the world's finest cacao by crafting and ageing micro-batches of two-ingredient chocolate, and once a year, they play matchmaker in their little Mahurangi foundry.

This very limited-run 70% bean-to-bar chocolate began with cacao from a little pocket of forest in the hills of Malekula Island. David then steeped these superb cacao nibs in a lavish torrent of New Zealand’s own Thomson Manuka Smoke Single Malt Whisky. Then he got to work in their little chocolate factory to create a bar brimming with smouldering sensuality.

This year's bespoke packaging illustration has been designed by Janelle to represent the cascading flavour journey of the bar. It's only once a year they release their limited special edition whisky infused treats, with each bar and micro-batch numbered by hand, once they're gone, they're gone.

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Foundry Chocolate

Foundry Chocolate we celebrate and accentuate the remarkable personalities of the world’s finest cacao by crafting and aging micro-batches of award-winning bean-to-bar craft chocolate from scratch – using only two ingredients: Cacao Beans and Organic Sugar - all from our little foundry in Mahurangi, New Zealand.

ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS – that's all we use. Only the finest cacao beans and organic sugar. Nothing else. No added cacao butter, lecithin or vanilla.

Nothing else to get in the way of the incredible flavours we celebrate and accentuate from the cacao. And because of this, each origin has its own unique flavours and personality. That's the magic of Foundry Chocolate.

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